The UBDC's Integrated Multimedia City Data (iMCD) Project has gathered a unique and exciting collection of data looking at urban life in Glasgow.

Part of the overall collection is the iMCD Household Survey, which is available in anonymised form. The iMCD Household Survey interviewed a representative sample of adults (2095 people from 1508 household) in the Glasgow and Clyde Valley Planning area between April and November 2015. The Survey has a unique combination of questions covering detailed information about each household and their attitudes and behaviours to transport, education, computer and mobile phone usage, and sustainability. These data would be of interest to planners, researchers or individuals wanting to gain a better understanding of these topics and their interactions. A subset of participants (1506) also completed a travel diary, describing their movements and purpose on the day before the survey’s collection. For widespread sharing, locational detail from the travel diary is reduced to local authority level, consistent with the Scottish Household Survey methodology.

  • Data owner: Urban Big Data Centre
  • Coverage (geographical): Representative sample of adults in the Glasgow and Clyde Valley planning area. This area includes the following local authorities: Glasgow; North Lanarkshire; South Lanarkshire; Inverclyde; Renfrewshire; East Renfrewshire; East Dunbartonshire and West Dunbartonshire.
  • Coverage (time): Between April and November 2015
  • Who can use this data? Anyone
  • Format: Available in SPSS and CSV
  • More information: Details of the survey questions can be found in the iMCD Survey Technical Report (PDF 1.54MB)
  • Data privacy notice for participants: Privacy Notice for Integrated Multimedia City Data (iMCD) (PDF 0.6MB)