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The UBDC runs a wide range of events: providing information on our services, training people in the skills required to use them and disseminating results.

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UBDC Meetup: Exploring Transport Data

This Urban Big Data Centre Meetup networking event will bring together people interested in and working with transportation data.   Understanding transport is crucial to understanding the spaces that we live and work in. Access to transport can affect everything from housing and employment to the economy and environment. This series of n...

30.11.23 | Meet Up

UBDC Zoopla Data Workshop

At this workshop, we bring together people working with the Zoopla dataset from The Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC), the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) and other data users, as well as a presentation from Zoopla about recent developments in the data.   Zoopla is one of the UK's leading aggregators of property listings data, giving free access...

14.12.23 | Workshop