Urban Indicators was a centre-wide research project intended to bring together all of the UBDC's research in the goal of turning data into policy-relevant information.

It generated outputs to inform policymaking and invite action on urban problems.

New methods and approaches were required to meet the challenge of analysing and interrogating large and complex data sets to generate indicators for different aspects of urban areas, including human and social aspects; particularly housing, economic development, transport, education, social exclusion and related areas.

Visualisation approaches are gaining increased momentum with the growth of open data sharing, data journalism and new media for interactive data communication. Effective presentation helped communicate data results and implications to our stakeholders, providing them with digestible information that could be understood and acted upon.

Work streams within this project included:

  • Urban Models and Simulations for Indicators (Fingleton and Pryce)
  • Statistical Sciences for Indicator Development (Scott)
  • Translational Research in Data Resource Development (Bailey)
  • Data Visualisation (Harris)


Project Lead: Piyushimita (Vonu) Thakuriah
Researchers: Bernard Fingleton, Gwilym PryceMarian Scott, Jinhyun Hong, Nebiyou Tilahun, Mark LivingstonNick Bailey, Richard Harris, Katarzyna Sila-Nowicka