Accessing people, places and activities

The climate emergency has given fresh impetus for cities to rethink their transport systems. In many cases, the excessive use of private cars is a challenge which must be addressed.

Overreliance on cars for mobility leads to numerous problems such as dangerously poor air quality, crashes and wasted time. In this work package we consider how easily people can access the things they need for a full, healthy and happy life, for example friends and family, work, healthcare facilities and social activities. Accessibility also needs to be considered from a comparative perspective – is there a fair distribution across the population? This work package complements our work on active travel by particularly focusing on other alternatives to cars, e.g., public transport and remote working.

Lead: Dr. J Rafael Verduzco-Torres

Latest outputs

How-to guide: Multimodal Transport Routing for the UK with R Part 1
How-to guide: Multimodal Transport Routing for the UK with R Part 2 

Code: Public transport accessibility indicators in Great Britain

News: Stewart, C. (2023) Data maps show the impact of losing Glasgow's night bus services.

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