The UBDC has collected a range of urban-related data that is openly available for use by anyone. Browse the data available on our Open Data Catalogue.

Focused on the major UK cities, it holds a range of urban-related data, covering topics such as commercial data, governmental data, transportation data, social media and other unstructured data. It allows users from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, with varying degrees of computing knowledge, to interface with the data we hold. We also seek to add to our open data collection through modelling or estimating data, and we encourage others to do the same.

If you download any of this data, we invite you to let us know about it and what you are doing with it. This will help us understand how the data is used and how to improve our data services in future, plus, we can help you publicise your work and increase your impact and reach. Please let us know if you use this data by emailing